banquet・course - うを市│大阪市都島区にある老舗の寿司屋


Multiple-course meal with sushi and a hot pot recommended for parties for up to six diners.
The entire restaurant can be reserved for a private party.

“Focus on volume” ”Sushi main”
“One dish for entertainment”, etc.
Please feel free to inquire. Multiple-course meals can be arranged according to your request and budget.

* Multiple-course meals are available when ordered by two diners or more. Please make a reservation at least two days in advance.
*All prices include tax.


Year-end party, New Year’s party, wrap-up party,

for a gathering of friends

Hot pot course from 3,500 yen~ per person

  • ●Appetizer
  • ●Hot pot (Yosenabe, Tecchiri, Anglerfish, Yellowtail Shabu, etc.)
  • ●Rice porridge or Udon

Receptions, celebrations, etc. for a slightly different gathering

Sushi course from 3,500 yen~ per person

  • ●Advanced
  • ●Sashimi
  • ●Pottery
  • ●Fried food
  • ●Warm food
  • ●Sushi

All you can drink
2,000 yen per person

All-you-can-drink courses are available
Beer, sake, highball, chuhai, shochu, soft drinks, etc.
You can enjoy various drinks.
* All-you-can-drink is available for all groups You can use it.


Tables and chairs can be arranged however you like.


16 people in a row


8 seats x 2 rows


4 seats x 4rows

About reserved for a private party.

Maximum Capacity: 16 people(table seats only)
The place can hold up to 22 people if includes bar seats.
*Please call for the minimum number of people for reserved for a private party.
Please contact us.