weight - うを市│大阪市都島区にある老舗の寿司屋


Oju in Uwo City, where you can enjoy the finest eel.
Please enjoy the flavor of the ingredients, which are carefully sourced and fresh.
*All prices include tax.

Eel heavy (medium)/half eel *Lunch only

Enjoy our signature sweet and savory eel sauce.

Sea Eel Rice Box *Lunch only

Exquisite sea eel that is cooked with soft and fluffy texture, and is light to the taste. Enjoy the original taste of sea eel.

Eel grilled in white (medium) / half-tailed eel
*Lunch only

It takes a little time to steam and then bake the skin until crispy.

Red and white eel (top)

Luxuriously grilled with sauce and shirayaki… It is truly a blissful dish.

Unajyu (top) 2,700yen
Eel Shirayakiju (special quality) One eel 3,500yen
Grilled eel (top) 2,700yen
Eel red and white juicy (special quality) 5,200yen
Unagiju (special grade) One eel 3,500yen
*Comes with dark brown miso soup